David “Fuze” Fiuczynski’s KiF injects Chinese, Indian and Middle Eastern-inflected melodies into the high energy funk rock that lies at the roots of most of Fuze’s musical endeavors. On top of this, layers of hip hop and electronica lend an other-worldly quality to the music of KiF, as it moves from swinging, danceable grooves to plaintive meditations over lush, brooding and at times microtonal harmonies. KiF was conceived, quite appropriately, with a gig Fuze performed in Marrakech, in which the Moroccan players mentioned to the American guitar slinger that Jimi Hendrix had visited the country. Fuze imagined Jimi playing hard grooves with Eastern inflected melodies, Dervishes and minarets and spires, desert sands and an audience entranced by the colorful, multi-cultural musical palette… could this be the music that Jimi would play today?